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Volunteer Information

It’s great to be a Springfield Greenwave Volunteer!!!

All questions regarding Greenwave Volunteering should be directed to Christy Spurgeon at

Volunteer positions at Greenwave Swim Team Events:

Each family will be asked to sign up for a minimum of 5 volunteer slots. This means one person per family for one shift (there are two shifts per meet). There are a variety of jobs, large and small, and something for everyone to do! The same people cannot possibly handle all of these responsibilities. REMEMBER WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS! Please get involved and join in the fun!!

Failure to fulfill all 5 slots will result in your child(ren) not participating in the next swim meet.If you are unable to work the slot you choose, you are required to find your own replacement.

Positions available to work:

Set-Up: Arrive early before meet to help set up tents, trash cans, tables, area around pool, etc..

Clean-Up: Stay after the meet to pick up trash, remove tents, and rearrange deck area to original seating.

Concession Stand: Organize and sell food items to raise money for the team. This includes set-up and clean-up.

Team Parent: Remain with swimmers in a specified area based on age group to provide heat information, line swimmers up for races, and keep swimmers contained in area. Swimmers are NOT to leave bull pen area without permission. 4 volunteers are required per meet.

Timers: Clock and record swimmers time. Requires one home & one away volunteer per lane.

Runner: Pick up Judges sheets from Lane Recorder and takes to the computer room.

Starter/Announcer: Announces and Starts each race.

Assistant Starter: Assists Starter with current event no. flip chart.

Clerk of Course and Asst Clerk of Course: Two or more people are required per shift to organize swimmers by heat and lane for each event.

Stroke and Turn Judges: Two people needed per shift to record swimmers placement and if proper technique was used at the end of each heat.

Computer: Record swimmers time into the computer.

Ribbon Writer: Work with computer entry volunteers to get the ribbons completed before the end of the meet.

Ribbon Runner: Passes ribbons out to heat winners 10 and under.

Swimmer Sign In: Sign in swimmers upon arrival and give attendance to junior coaches. 

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